Clean Tailing & Safe Storage

tailing safe storage


Processed tailing sands are sampled daily for sulphur content. The clean tailings sands (like the un-mineralised country rock) are free from acid generation due to their low sulphur content and natural carbonate content. The tailings can be safely recycled in artificial soils and have a variety of other uses. Permanent storage is available in secure, bunded cells. The tailings meet the definition of being Inert Waste, as such is defined in the Commission Decision 2009/359/EC of 30th April 2009, Article 1, implementing Article 22(1)(f) of Directive 2006/21/EC, although do have potential secondary uses.

Water is stored and settled separately from the tailings sand, as far as is practicable. This reduces the potential loss of sand in the unlikely event of a bund failure. Storage in this way is modern best practice within the industry.